Hotel transfer – Why pay more?

Hotel transfer. Hotels in Slovenia have started cashing in on outsourcing hotel transfer services. Taxis, shared ride shuttles, chauffeured services, can be marked up by up to 30%. Not all, however, the list of hotels is getting longer.

Some hotels in Ljubljana and Slovenia cater their own chauffeured transfer services. Fewer employ professional drivers. Most use what is available. The concierge, the bellboy, the receptionist, literally anybody who can drive. Are you sure your driver for the 04:30 AM airport transfer wasn’t up all night as a bellboy? If anything, ask the hotel for a complimentary hotel transfer service.

The taxi service, catering to a major hotel in Ljubljana offers a transfer rate Z, between Ljubljana and Ljubljana airport. The hotel charges its guests Z+20% to Z+30% per hotel transfer, while the taxi company will be catering the airport transfer in front of the hotel at a rate of Z+10%. If you prebook that same transfer service through the taxi dispatch, the rate could be Z-10%. The difference between what the hotel charges, and what you would be paying, can grow up to 44%. Is it worth it?

The hotel will cater its services by displaying the newest luxury cars and vans. When their vehicles won’t be available they will replace them with a taxi, or another car service. Unfortunately, taxi companies have their own rules. In most, taxi drivers are treated equally, regardless of the size, age, or condition of their vehicle. You could end up riding in an old, filthy, smokers vehicle, wondering if the taxi driver works with it, or lives inside it.

When booking a transfer ask about the driver and vehicle. Premium rates should offer a premium service. Insist on it. I painted an extreme scenario. However, the truth is not too far off.