Best rate – Is it really?

Transfer service to or from airports

Best rate. Online you will find many services in the transportation business promoting their services using words like best-rate, cheap, budget, low-cost, competitive, affordable, etc.

Taxi companies, shuttle services, private car operators and limo companies in Slovenia all compete for their piece of the market. As a consequence, they offer services at rates which are hardly sustainable or worse.


Taxi rates

Let us take a look at the cost of a transfer in Slovenia, from Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana to Ljubljana airport. The distance between the two is approximately 27 km. In order to make the full trip there and back a taxi will do a total of 54 km. The average gas consumption is 8l/100km. The driver will spend an hour driving.

22% of the rate is gas
The car will use 4,4 l of gas. A cheap taxi service will charge the equivalent of 20 liters of gas, or 22% of the rate is gas.

26% of the rate is labor
The minimum gross salary amounts to approximately 5,7 liters of gas per hour or 26% of the rate.

Between gas and labor, the taxi fare is almost half spent. What remains has to pay maintenance, insurance, other expenses, and taxes. A taxi or private car service offering all the best rates is most certainly going to have to make money elsewhere. Taxis can charge extra for congestion, luggage, or have different tariffs, etc. In Slovenia, a taxi can have at least two or three different tariffs. A taxi service can also cut back on maintenance, employees, insurance, and more. You won’t feel any of those reductions until something goes wrong. By then, it could be too late.

Share ride shuttle rates

Share ride shuttle services have a different approach. Using the same itinerary as above, offering low, per person rates means:

1 or 2 passengers is cheaper
A shuttle for up to two passengers is definitely the cheaper option.

3 or 4 passengers breaks even
The shuttle transfer cost of three or four share ride passengers breaks even with a private car transfer service.

5 to 8 passengers probably cost more
Share ride transfers for five or more passengers can cost up to 40% or 50% more than using a private transfer. Not to mention, that having a dedicated vehicle at your disposal gives more value to your transfer service.

When booking a ground transportation service in Slovenia don’t just follow the cheapest link. It could be expensive.