Airport taxi – Things to keep in mind!

Is it wise to use the airport taxi in front of the terminal at Ljubljana airport? Let us answer with two questions:

1. How much can you spend on the transfer?
2. Do you need a receipt?

As a fact, airport taxi services are not cheap anywhere. Ljubljana airport taxis likewise. Of course, they offer the convenience of standing right outside the airport terminal. First, ask the taxi driver whether he/she accepts credit cards if you plan to use one. You could be losing valuable time and money searching for an ATM to pay for the taxi fare, at the end of your trip. Second, legally the taxi driver issues a receipt. Insist on getting one. Third, authorities inspect and calibrate the taxi meters. The taxi driver decides the tariffs, the number of tariffs, and when to use them. Of course, within legal possibilities.

Equally important, check the extra charges. Before getting in get a full cost estimate. Airport taxi drivers will refuse to drive if the distance is considered too short. It has to do with getting back in line for the next trip. That, together with limited knowledge of foreign languages, can frustrate anyone.

In the past, airport taxis were controlled and subcontracted by Ljubljana airport authorities. A few years ago the Slovenian Competition Protection Agency demanded the annulment of the contracts. The agency based its decision on complaints from a number of taxi companies. The taxi companies were claiming that access to the airport and passengers were limited, due to the contracts. The agency threatened with large fines, and Ljubljana airport complied. In the light of that, the taxi charges at Ljubljana airport skyrocketed. Whatever the airport taxi charges, it is no longer controlled by the airport authorities.

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